Lorenzo Massimi


Phone: +39 06.4991.3460

email: l.massimiphd@gmail.com


Dr. Lorenzo Massimi got a PhD in material science at the University of Rome in 2015 working on 2D molecular systems. 
In 2015, after the completion of the PhD, he started working with dr. A.Cedola in the ToMA group on X-ray phase-contrast imaging of animal models of neurodegenerative diseases with synchrotron radiation, mainly focusing on Alzheimer's disease. 
In 2018 he moved to the Advanced X-ray IMaging group at University College London where he worked with Prof. A.Olivo on laboratory-based X-ray phase-contrast techniques developing new implementations and algorithms for edge illumination and beam tracking. 
In 2022 he returned in ToMA group supported by a Marie Curie individual fellowship with the project BioDir-X "An X-ray beam tracking approach to retrieve directional information in biological specimens".
He is currently the first author of 17 papers published in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, two of which are in journals with an impact factor higher than 9. He is also co-author of about 25 papers, including conference proceedings.