Francesca Palermo


phone: +39 06.4991.3483


Francesca Palermo received his MSc degree in Physics at Sapienza University (Rome, Italy) in 2017 with a thesis on “Biomechanical Properties of Inner Limiting Membrane in Surgical Macular Pathologies” by means of atomic force microscopy.

In 2017 she was admitted to the School of Doctorate in Sciences and Technologies of Physics, of Chemistry and of Materials at the University of Calabria, Italy (curriculum: Facilities, infrastructures of research and innovative instrumentation).

She obtained a fellowship at CNR-Nanotec for the European Project VOXEL (HORIZON 2020) on the subject “X-ray Phase Contrast Tomography with Synchrotron Light” and later a research grant in the context of the Bilateral Project Italia-Russia (CNR-RFBR) on the subject of “Absorption and phase contrast microtomography for the study of human limbic system”.

Main areas of interest: X-ray phase contrast imaging and tomography with synchrotron light, addressed to bio-medical research and applications in cultural heritage.